New car scent zhonkizosose

The "new car scent" zhonkizosose is "a steal" at $10.78.

Vehicle ProfileEdit

NAME: Zhonkizosose (also spelled jonkizosose)
ORIGIN: Not exactly a vehicle, but a species of extremely fluffy flying sheep with a unicornlike horn.
USED IN: worldwide
RANGE: Since the zhonkizosose sheep is now widely domesticated, it is used throughout the world.


Zhonkizosose are given nice scents before they are sold. These include, along with prices:

  • New car: $10.78, the cheapest zhonkizosose scent.
  • Normal scent: $15.94 (vanilla)
  • Chocolate: $17.19
  • Nacho cheese: $19.22
  • Bubblegum: $23.09
  • Clowillk: $50.30

The clowillk scent is more expensive than the other scents because clowillks are relatively rare flowers.


  • They have been mistakenly called jonkizosose in the early draft of the Little Group series.