This article is about the unpublished book series. For the main characters in the book series, see The Little Group (characters). For a list of members of the Little Group, see List of Little Group Members.

The Little Group (also #LittleGroup[1] or LG for short) is an unpublished book series. It follows the lives of a "Little Group" of 25+ creatures.[2] It is written by Hickorywhisker, the founder of this wiki.

Where it's setEdit

Main Article: Wiwaxia

The Little Group is set on the planet of Wiwaxia, which is named after a prehistoric creature of the same name. The Little Group travels a lot, so it is hard to determine just where on Wiwaxia they come from. According to Hickorywhisker, the first scene in the entire LG franchise is set on the island of Markkd.[3]

Other places visitedEdit

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