Antagonist ProfileEdit

NAME: Q’Ling, also spelled Q-Ling.
FROM: Glykense
ORIGINAL HABITAT: lived in the Spumpett caves, but soon moved on to attack the Glykensian city of Knis.
CAUSE OF DEATH: common cold[1]
ENEMIES: Glykense (Formerly)
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lunipes xanthomelas


The Q’Ling is a brown, furry, bearlike[1] creature with huge blue eyes with orange flecks. It has bloodstained fangs and long legs with sky-blue skin underneath. It can be tamed.


  • In the rough draft of Hats, "Q’Ling” is spelled as “Q-Ling”.
  • The Q’Ling does not get killed by King Glykense.
    • In fact, the Q’Ling becomes Glykense's loyal bodyguard until he dies of the common cold.
  • The Q’Ling's body is buried in the Royal Cemetery. [2]
  • When the Q’Ling became Glykense's bodyguard, he became a vegetarian.


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