Jungle clowillk

The Jinglemelanian clowillk (Clowillka jinglemelaniansis) and all of its parts (leaves, stem, roots, etc.), including its psychedelic-colored seeds.

Species ProfileEdit

NAME: Clowilk (or clowillk)
RANGE: Mostly in parts of Glykense: south from Slislih-A into Jinglemelania.[1] Allegedly have been sighted in Homamumin.[2]
DESCRIPTION: a red stem and red leaves; blue roots; bright pink flowers. A very loudly-colored plant. Inspired by the looks of the real sego lily flower.[3]
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Clowillka (genus)

Types of ClowilkEdit

  • Jinglemelanian clowilk (Clowillka jinglemelaniansis)[4]: less brightly colored than the other three species. Found only in Jinglemelania, but not as rare as the jungle clowillk.
  • Spotted clowilk (Clowillka maculatus)[4]: has the usual clowillk-type look, but has ivory-white spots.
  • Daffodil clowilk (Clowillka xanthica)[4]: has a flower shaped like a daffodil rather than a sego lily.
  • Jungle clowilk (Clowillka melaleuca)[4]: also known as black, pansy, or obsidian clowillk; the rarest species and only found in Slislih-A.

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